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Guide to alternative schooling in Atlanta

Homeschooling and hybrid schooling are alternative education models that give students the opportunity to experience both classroom learning and personalized education through face-to-face assistance and online resources. Also known as ...

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Atlanta museums and attractions you can tour online

With everyone still highly encouraged to stay at home, it’s understandable if you’re slowly getting bored out of your wits. After all, it would be nice to get out once again, feel the summer breeze caress your face, and enjoy everything...

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How to create a dedicated home office

With work from home setups becoming more common these days due to the pandemic, the need for having a dedicated home office space where you can concentrate on your work becomes even more important.  While setting up a home workspace m...

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How to sell homes during a pandemic

Georgia has reopened, and Atlanta’s also moving on to the second stage of its reopening plan. Although restrictions are easing, it’s still best to remain cautious in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a couple of things you...

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A guide to virtual home buying

It’s been about a month since Georgia has reopened. But with the risk of local transmission still considerably high, everyone not involved in essential work is encouraged to remain at home. So, what about your home buying experience t...

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Hiking in the forest

The Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta

There’s no better way to enjoy what nature has to offer than with a hike. And with the abundance of nature trails in and around Atlanta, it makes for a great activity to look forward to when we can enjoy the great outdoors again. Disco...

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Man painting

Winning Décor Tips for a Fast Sale

Your home’s interior and exterior decorations are key to a fast sale. Here’s how you can do it: Declutter your home One of the fastest ways to sell your home is by eliminating visual clutter. When buyers walk through your home –...

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