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BUYERS & SELLERS IN EAST COBB, GA! Find a Real Estate Agent That Ticks All the Boxes

Securing a Deal

Imagine this: you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood in East Cobb, GA or maybe you’ve outgrown your current home and are looking to sell. In situations like these, the question of whether you really need to work with East Cobb real estate agents may have already crossed your mind.

Real estate transactions, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, involve intricate contracts that can be filled with legal jargon and stipulations that aren’t easy to understand. It requires tough negotiations where emotions can run high and outcomes can significantly impact your financial future. Even a slight misstep may lead to you overpaying for a home as a buyer or accepting a below-market value price for your home as a seller. These two reasons alone make having a professional by your side who knows the ins and outs of the industry an invaluable asset.

Working with a real estate agent isn’t just about having someone to guide you through the technicalities. It’s also about having a partner who understands your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or a homeowner ready to sell, your agent should be equipped to guide you every step of the way, making the process as stress-free and seamless as possible.

The difference between agents of buyers and sellers

This brings us to another important aspect of real estate transactions: the difference between buyer and seller agents. While the top East Cobb real estate agents are capable of working with both buyers and sellers, some agents tend to perform more effectively representing one side of the transaction. At the same time, understanding the difference between these two types of agents helps eliminate conflicts of interest from the equation. This is why knowledge is essential when considering how to choose the right real estate agent.

Buyer’s agents specialize in representing the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction. They guide clients through every step of the buying process. This includes helping clients find properties that fit their criteria, arranging property showings, providing comparative market analyses to ensure a fair purchase price, and negotiating on behalf of the buyer for the best possible terms. They also assist with the paperwork and legal aspects involved in closing a deal.

Seller’s agents represent the seller in a real estate transaction with the goal of getting buyers to pay top dollar for the property in the shortest possible time. They provide services such as pricing strategy advice, home staging tips, comprehensive marketing plans to attract potential buyers, and possess negotiation skills to secure the best deal for the seller. They also handle all the necessary paperwork and coordinate with buyer’s agents to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Now that you understand the importance of having a real estate agent and the difference between buyer and seller agents, you might be wondering how to pick the right real estate agent that best represents your goals.

In the section below, we’ve outlined some of the most important qualities you should look for in East Cobb real estate agents:


Real Estate Agent

☑️ Experience and expertise

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, one of the foremost qualities to consider is their level of experience and expertise. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the average Realtor has about eleven years of experience in the field. This shows that many agents have substantial experience in the field, which enables them to guide buyers and sellers through the complexities of real estate transactions effectively.

For example, an experienced agent would have navigated varying market conditions, whether they happen to be a buyer’s market, a seller’s market, or a balanced market. They understand how these different market conditions impact the buying or selling process. As such, they can provide tailored strategies to ensure their clients get the best deal possible.

Of course, years of experience isn’t the only factor you should consider. Expertise matters a lot. When you look at an agent’s specialized knowledge, you’ll know what they’re especially good at. Their track record will tell you the story of their skillset in residential real estate, commercial properties, luxury homes, condos, and the like. An agent with specialized expertise can provide insights that you won’t get from a generalist.

For example, an investor who may want to cash in on a luxury home they have in their portfolio will definitely want to look for someone who has sold multiple luxury homes in the last year or two. In particular, this seller may even want to look for an agent who is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, a designation that comes within a year or two of completing their training.

☑️ Credentials and licenses

When it comes to tips for choosing a real estate agent, one of the most important aspects to consider is their credentials and licenses. In addition to validating their professional standing in the industry, their credentials and licenses also speak volumes about their level of expertise and specialization.

In the real estate industry, agents can earn various designations and certifications that underline their proficiency in certain areas. Here are some key credentials to look out for:

  • Certified Relocation Counselor (CRC): Agents with this certification have showcased exceptional knowledge in relocation. They are equipped to handle the unique needs and challenges of clients who are moving to a different area, thereby making the transition smooth and hassle-free.
  • Accredited Sellers Representative (ASR): Agents holding this certification have undergone rigorous training focused on selling properties. They understand the ins and outs of marketing strategies, negotiation techniques, and other crucial aspects of the selling process, making them an ideal choice if you’re planning to sell your property.
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS): This designation signifies that an agent has a track record of successful performance in the luxury home and estate market. They possess the knowledge, experience, and competence necessary to cater to the needs of affluent buyers and sellers.
  • Accredited Staging Partner (ASP): An ASP-certified agent understands the significance of staging homes for sale. They are trained to make a home appealing by arranging furniture and decor in a way that accentuates its best features, thereby attracting potential buyers.

These are just a few of the many certifications a real estate agent can obtain or train for. When choosing an agent, don’t be afraid to ask about any special training they’ve had, in addition to their experience. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of their skills and level of motivation, and whether they align with your specific needs. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure that the agent is licensed by the relevant real estate bodies in your state. This confirms that they have met certain educational and ethical standards, providing you with an extra layer of protection.

☑️ Market knowledge

Most real estate agents will have a general understanding of the current real estate market in the areas that they operate. For those looking to buy or sell in East Cobb, GA, however, it’s essential to have an agent who has a deep understanding of this specific area.

The best-informed East Cobb real estate agents should be aware of the current local housing trends, including the average listing price, the average time properties stay on the market, and the demand for different types of properties. For instance, they should know if single-family homes are more sought after than townhouses as this may be information that buyers looking for a good deal may find useful.

They should also be knowledgeable about future developments that could impact the real estate market. Are there any upcoming infrastructure projects that could boost property values? Are new businesses moving into the area, potentially increasing demand for housing?

☑️ Communication and availability

As true partners, communication and consistent availability are key in achieving your real estate goals.

Communication is not just about talking or imparting information. It’s also about having an agent that actively listens to you so they can better understand your needs and find solutions to your concerns. Moreover, communication extends beyond the initial stages of buying or selling. Throughout the process, a real estate agent will keep you updated on developments, providing clarity and assurance during what can often be a stressful time.

Availability, on the other hand, means counting on your agent to be present or at hand when you need them. In a world where real estate market conditions can turn on its head overnight, opportunities can present themselves without warning, and vanish just as quickly if your agent is slow on the uptake. For buyers, this could mean securing viewings or placing offers on new listings as they arise. For sellers, it involves responding to inquiries from potential buyers swiftly and arranging viewings efficiently. Keep in mind, though, that being available isn’t just about speed. It’s also about presence, especially during critical moments like negotiations.

☑️ Marketing strategies and tactics

Marketing strategies and tactics drive visibility, engagement, and ultimately, successful transactions. As professionals, we at the Page Morgan Team, understand the importance of employing effective marketing tools to meet the unique needs of both buyers and sellers.

For buyers, a well-marketed property means having access to comprehensive, high-quality information that aids in decision-making. We utilize a variety of tactics such as professional listing photos, immersive home walkthrough videos, and detailed property descriptions. These tools enable you to explore potential homes virtually, saving you time and narrowing down options that match your criteria.

For sellers, effective marketing strategies can significantly enhance property visibility. This may come in the form of our team coming in to take better photos of the property you wish to sell, or crafting compelling narratives around your property to highlight its unique features and value propositions. Both methods are great at attracting the attention of potential buyers and getting them to view your property.

☑️ Negotiation skills

Getting the most value for your money often rests on an agent’s negotiation skills. They help secure properties at a fair price for buyers and ensure that they’re not leaving money on the table for sellers.

For buyers, efficient negotiations can mean the difference between securing your dream home within budget or losing out to another bidder. As East Cobb real estate agents, we at the Page Morgan Team use our knowledge of market conditions, property values, and seller motivations to negotiate favorable terms on your behalf. We also facilitate open communication between you and the seller, ensuring all concerns and queries are addressed promptly. This transparency not only aids in building trust but also helps to smooth out any bumps in the negotiation process.

For sellers, strong negotiation skills can maximize your return on investment. We leverage our understanding of buyer motivations and market trends to negotiate the best possible price for your property. Moreover, negotiation extends far beyond price points; it also involves closing dates, contingencies, and certain considerations attached to the purchase and sale of a piece of property. Good real estate agents negotiate terms to align with your preferences and circumstances, providing you with a seamless experience.

☑️ Good reviews from former clients

Just as hotel reviews affect the decision you make on your accommodations, reviews from former clients are just as valuable when it comes to evaluating an agent to work with.

Good reviews open doors to a client-agent partnership. They offer insights into an agent’s responsiveness, negotiation skills, and understanding of client needs. Reviews can also highlight an agent’s knowledge of specific neighborhoods or types of properties, which can be particularly valuable for those who have more specific wants and needs.

You may easily find these reviews online. Just keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for highly rated agents to have one or two less-than-glowing reviews. However, having too many negative reviews, especially recent ones, may be a red flag.



Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of what makes a great real estate agent, it’s time to look for one if you plan to buy or sell a home in East Cobb, GA. A local real estate agent is especially crucial if you want the most successful outcome. Locals know their communities inside out, and have ears on the ground when it comes to new and upcoming postings, market conditions, and the like.

How to find the right local agent?

  1. Begin by asking for referrals from people you trust: friends, family, or colleagues who have recently bought or sold properties in East Cobb. They can provide first-hand insights into their experience with their agents. If you are relocating from another part of Georgia or from out of state, you may want to start off by looking for agents who are Certified Relocation Counselors.

    Online platforms are also a valuable resource. You may try starting your search by visiting websites like the National Association of REALTORS® and looking up agents who operate within East Cobb. This is a great place to start your search because the NAR is the largest professional association in the U.S. and holds its members to an incredibly strict Code of Ethics.

  2. Ask the right questions. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential agents, it’s time for the interview process. Asking these questions is important because it allows you to gauge whether an agent is a good fit or not. The answers to your questions will offer valuable insights into an agent’s local knowledge, experience, communication style, and commitment to their profession. Some of the more common questions we get from clients include:

    • How long have you been working in real estate, specifically in East Cobb, GA?
      An agent’s tenure can often reflect their level of expertise. Agents who have been in the business for a longer period typically have more knowledge about market trends and the negotiation process.
    • Can you provide a list of references? References from previous clients can give you a glimpse into an agent’s work ethic, reliability, and success rate. This is also a great alternative to reading online reviews.
    • How will you communicate with me during the buying/selling process?
      Every buyer and seller has unique preferences when it comes to communication. Some prefer daily updates via email, while others may appreciate a weekly phone call more. As such, asking this question is important as it will set expectations and ensure communication is clear and consistent.
    • What is your strategy for helping me buy/sell a property?
      This question is pivotal as it probes into the agent’s process, tactics, and market knowledge. Each real estate transaction is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. A competent agent should have a tailored strategy for your specific situation.


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When it comes to real estate transactions, you need a team that’s not only experienced and knowledgeable but also understands your unique needs and goals. All of us at The Page Morgan Group bring a wealth of expertise in navigating various market conditions and specialize in areas like luxury homes and commercial properties. Our credentials speak volumes about our commitment to serving you, from our many certifications to our numerous awards.

Embark on your real estate journey with us! Give us a call at 770.509.0700 or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.