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Destinations for Your East Cobb Shopping Adventures

Destinations for Your East Cobb Shopping Adventures woman holding shopping bags East Cobb, Georgia is a metropolitan area in Atlanta that brings to the forefront the best of Southern charm and sophistication. Apart from family-friendly communities, great sports teams and venues, and top schools, another standout feature of East Cobb is the excellent shopping scene. This guide will take potential homebuyers on an exploratory journey through East Cobb’s major shopping districts, highlighting the unique offerings of Marietta, Roswell Road, and other notable areas, and showcase why this region is a shopper’s paradise.

Shopping in East Cobb: An Overview

The wealth of shopping options in East Cobb makes its shopping destinations magnets for those who value both convenience and quality. High-end boutiques and large retail chains alike can be found around East Cobb. Not only can you shop to your heart’s content, but there’s a wide range of places for dining, entertainment, and cultural attractions. Around East Cobb, you’ll also find green spaces and recreational facilities that are near the shopping districts themselves. This means that getting out and about to shop, doesn’t mean just jumping into the car and going straight back home after. You can, if you choose, make a day of your shopping and include so many other activities. This can be especially good news for those who don’t necessarily enjoy shopping, let’s admit it, not all members of the family or friends do. However, in East Cobb, they can be easily tempted to join you when you go out shopping with promises of delicious treats a lots of opportunities to have fun.


There’s a reason why the East Cobb shopping scene is one of the most bustling in all of Georgia. The area is a blend of high-end shopping malls, boutique shops, and unique local businesses catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets. For example, The Avenue East Cobb—which we’ll get to know more about later—is a focal point for shoppers looking for an upscale outdoor mall experience. Here, you can find a good mix of premium brands, dining options, and entertainment activities. East Cobb is not resting on its laurels as a premier shopping destination and continuously evolves with ongoing projects aimed at refreshing and expanding its retail and entertainment options. These plans highlight the locality’s commitment to growth and improvement, ensuring that East Cobb remains a draw for visitors from across the region. The shopping experience in East Cobb is complemented by numerous events and activities throughout the year. Not only will you find quaint, unique, and popular stores, but you might also run into seasonal festivals, farmer markets, and even outdoor concerts. These events provide a platform for local artisans and businesses to showcase their products, further enriching the community’s shopping scene and local culture.

Major Shopping Districts

Merchant’s Walk This open-air shopping center is a significant presence in East Cobb. Here, you’ll find a diverse mix of national retailers and local favorites. Major brands like Kohl’s, ULTA Beauty, Old Navy, and Whole Foods Market are all here sitting alongside a movie theater, making it the ultimate one-stop shop. It also features hot dining spots, such as Chipotle, Marlow’s Tavern, SEED Kitchen & Bar, and so much more. The 14-screen movie theater and entertainment complex is perfect for that escape as a buffer between shopping sessions. The Avenue East Cobb – This is another outdoor mall that houses about 50 retail stores and restaurants, giving visitors a complete day-out experience. The pedestrian-friendly layout of the spaces takes you through a bevy of options such as Banana Republic, Gap, Talbot’s, and LOFT. It also has a good line-up of household goods brands like William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Bed Bath & Beyond. There are also fitness classes held here as well as play time spaces for the kids. Paper Mill Village – Dubbed “East Cobb’s Main Street,” Paper Mill Village presents a charming collection of shops and businesses. The entire complex is linked through pedestrian-friendly walkways, making it ideal for guests to wander as they explore one store after another. Marietta Square – is not exactly in East Cobb, but it’s close enough for those looking to expand their shopping options. Not only is it a popular shopping district, but it is also a historic and cultural hub that enriches the entire visiting experience. It’s definitely worth the short drive to the Square, especially if you’re looking for an eclectic mix of shops in a picturesque setting.

Popular Shopping Centers

East Cobb, GA offers a rich array of shopping centers that cater to a wide variety of tastes and needs. The area’s major shopping hubs combine convenience with an assortment of retail, dining, and entertainment options. Here are a few of the notable shopping centers in the area: Highland Plaza – Here, you can find well-loved local neighborhood restaurants like Rosa’s Pizza and Paradise Grill. Apart from famous shopping brands, there is also a good variety of services and retailers within this shopping center, such as Office Depot, Moohan Martial Arts, and Ivy Lane Boutique. Sandy Plains Center – Conveniently, this shopping center is just right across Highland Plaza, further expanding your dining and retail options. Among them would be Kroger and Aspens Signature Steaks. These shopping centers not only provide essential goods and services but also contribute to the area’s community feel. Each one has its own charm and different stores, giving you plenty of options for your wants and needs.

Boutique Discoveries

Fashion boutique Looking for something more whimsical or artisanal, or even something unique? East Cobb has a trove of boutique stores just waiting to be discovered. Each of these gems is distinctive in its style and specializes in various goods and services. The Artisan’s Corner – This establishment showcases local artists and their talent. Come over and enjoy this vibrant space which serves as a home to various art forms, from paintings to sculptures, jewelry, and more. Explore pieces of art, each with its own story, and perhaps you’ll find something that resonates with you. Apricot Lane Boutique – This is another unique store worth exploring, especially for those looking to add stylish pieces and fashionable accessories to their wardrobe. You can find this Boutique in Marietta. Gussied Up Boutique – When we say there’s something for everyone in East Cobb, we mean everyone! Gussied Up Pet Boutique is here specifically for your beloved pets who deserve a treat for themselves, now and again. Pet clothing and accessories, toys, bedding, and gifts can all be found here. Don’t forget those tasty treats!

Culinary Delights

While you’re shopping in East Cobb, you may want to take the opportunity to have a delightful meal in one of the many tempting restaurants. This area is emerging as a culinary hotspot, offering a mix of innovative cuisine and traditional southern favorites. From cafes to fine dining restaurants and everything in between, East Cobb will have something near that matches your mood. restaurant table cleaning Here are some of our recommendations:
  • The Select offers the most delectable French cuisine yet somehow also manages to pull off a very relaxed and stylish ambiance. The food is exceptional, the service is top-end, and your experience is likely to be very memorable.
  • Seed Kitchen & Bar – Located at 1311 Johnson Ferry Rd, this chef-driven eatery gives modern American cuisine a playful approach and is set in a casual yet stylish atmosphere. Seed’s menu features seasonal fare that showcases the labor of love of local farmers and artisans.
  • Camps Kitchen & Bar – This neighboring gathering spot whisks you off to the Italian countryside with its Italian taverna style. Camps’ mouthwatering pizzas are baked fresh in a 600-degree brick-stone oven, perfectly complementing the rustic, laid-back ambiance. Fresh pasta with homemade sauces, house grind burgers, and small plates come perfect for sharing.
  • Sam’s BBQ-1 – Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? No less than Atlanta Magazine has been consistently recommending Sam’s BBQ-1 as being one of the best in the state. How do they achieve their award-winning barbecue? By combining high-quality ingredients with traditional cooking techniques, and smoking meats in modern wood-burning pits.
  • Taqueria Tsunami – This restaurant in Marietta offers Latin American-Asian fusion cuisine. If you’re looking for a fun, casual but tasty meal, try their tacos, sushi, and other creative dishes. Their Tuna Tataki Tacos and Spicy Tuna Rolls are also highly recommended.
  • Stem Wine Bar – Tapas and wine? Stem offers an impressive, extensive wine list with nearly 75 options. European-inspired charcuterie, cheeses, and small plates paired with the drink of your choice make the experience a truly enjoyable one for both connoisseurs and novices alike.
Whether you’re a resident or visitor looking for homes in East Cobb, GA, you’ll find that apart from the great shopping to be had here, there are also some wonderful places to sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal.

What to Expect from East Cobb Shopping Locations

Given the high quality of life in East Cobb, GA, you can expect that its shopping destination will also offer a top-tier, comprehensive, and diverse shopping experience. From family-friendly outdoor malls to unique local boutiques, East Cobb caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Here’s what you can expect from your shopping experience.


East Cobb shopping destinations are great for community gatherings where family-friendly events happen throughout the year. Wide pedestrian-friendly avenues, children’s play areas, and a rich selection of stores catering to family needs make it an ideal place to visit on the weekends to enjoy an entire day of leisure and shopping.


For pet owners, East Cobb also offers several pet-friendly shopping experiences. Outdoor malls and parks where pets are welcome abound. Several stores in the shopping districts maintain pet-friendly policies so customers can keep browsing and shopping with their furry friends by their side.

High-End Luxury

East Cobb is known for its high-end shopping area, filled with premium brands and designer products.

Casual and Fun

For a more laid-back shopping experience, East Cobb has numerous casual and fun shopping locations as well. These include local markets, thrift stores, and eclectic shops that offer a variety of goods at affordable prices. The vibrant atmosphere and unique finds make these spots popular with both locals and visitors.

Unique and Bespoke

The East Cobb shopping scene also supports local artisans and craftsmen who operate stores that offer handmade goods, custom-designed items, and one-of-a-kind finds. These businesses add a distinct charm to East Cobb’s shopping experience, perfect for those who are looking for something different from what more mainstream shopping offers.

Accessibility of East Cobb Shopping Districts

Fortunately, all of these fantastic shopping districts and centers in East Cobb are highly accessible to residents. If you’re planning on moving into the community and there’s a specific location you want to be close to, you only have to ask East Cobb real estate agents to explore your best options. Major roads and public transportation ensure easy access to shopping destinations. This proximity means easy access to shopping and entertainment venues where residents can enjoy spontaneous outings, memorable dining experiences, and convenient shopping trips without the need for extensive travel. Key roadways such as Johnson Ferry Road, Roswell Road (SR 120), and Lower Roswell Road play a pivotal role in connecting neighborhoods with the vibrant commercial areas within and beyond East Cobb. Personal cars are the most common choice for getting around town, but there are also alternative modes of transport in case you don’t feel like driving. Local bus services offer routes that connect East Cobb to the wider Cobb County and metro Atlanta. Those who want to stay active or are mindful of their environmental impact can look forward to the increasingly bike-friendly community, complete with dedicated lanes and paths.

East Cobb, GA Real Estate Agents

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