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Page’s Spring Cleaning Guide

Not sure how to keep your thick locks healthy


It’s time to break out your scrubbing bubbles, duster, and get your home sparkling clean in time for summer. If you are looking to sparkling up your home this spring, check out Page’s tips & tricks for a happy healthy home!

  1. Freshen the Front Door. To refresh, hose off porch and air-dry mats. Get a broom to clear out those pesky cobwebs. Consider replacing your old dirty doormat with a new one from your favorite local shop.

    Pro-Tip: Add some fresh potted flowers or festive wreath for a pop of color!

  2. Wash Those Windows. Raise blinds or shades and wash windows with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to dust blinds and vinyl! Finish off fabric shades and drapes with a vacuum.

    Pro-Tip: When cleaning windows, start on the shady side of the house, as direct sunlight can lead to streaks.

  3. Got Kitchen Sink Stink? Try running a couple of lemon rind slivers through your garbage disposal, followed by cold running water to dispel the smell. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Pro-Tip: Before throwing lemon rinds in garbage disposal, cut lemons into halves and sprinkle baking soda on cutting boards. Rub baking soda into the board’s tough stains for a squeaky clean finish.

  4. Sprinkle and Suck up. Lightly sprinkle baking soda onto carpeting, upholstered furniture, and even your mattress. Let it sit for 15 minutes while it works its de-stinking magic, before vacuuming away for an instantly fresher space.

    Pro-Tip: Have pets?? De-stink pet beds with a sprinkle of baking soda, wait 15 minutes, then vacuum

  5. Give New Life to Old Toys. Revive dirty toys by wiping them down with baking soda and water. Load plastic toys into a colander in the dishwasher to prevent them from falling off the racks. Wash in dishwasher on light load and air dry.

    Pro-Tip: Throw everything but the dishes into the dishwasher. Take a lap around the house gathering items such as plastic toys, soap dishes, decorative bowls, plastic hairbrushes, toothbrush holder, etc. – zero effort required!

  6. Banish Dust from Baseboards. Get a damp microfiber cloth and wipe along baseboards. For tougher spots and stains use a damp Magic Eraser or cleaning solution.

    Pro-Tip: Lightly spray an old sock with cleaning solution and run your foot along the baseboards to whisk away debris. No stooping needed!

  7. Pick up Pesky Pet Hair. Dampen a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and run your hand across your pet’s favorite perches and pillows.

    Pro-Tip: Use a Lint Roller to collect unwanted hair from lampshades, drapes, table cloths, and tough corners.

  8. Dusty Ceiling Fans? Run a dusting wand over ceiling fan blades. Don’t have a dusting wand? An old pillow case makes for quick and tidy ceiling blade cleaning.

    Pro-Tip: Before you clean your bedroom ceiling fans, lay an old or dirty sheet over the bed to prevent dust debris from falling on your bedding.

  9. Don’t Forget Your Gadgets. YIKES! Did you know your phone harbors more germs than your toilet seat? Give your phones, remotes, computer mouse, and iPads a wipe down with alcohol wipes to zap those germs.

    Pro-Tip: Between deep cleanings, spray gadgets down with an antibacterial cleaning solution such as Lysol.

  10. For goodness sake, just toss it! Recycle that pile of catalogs cluttering your nightstand. Reorganize your mail stash and throw out unwanted and expired promotional clippings. Toss expired and old makeup collecting in your vanity drawers.

    Pro-Tip: When in doubt, throw it out. Its called Spring Cleaning after all!