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How to create a dedicated home office

How to create a dedicated home office With work from home setups becoming more common these days due to the pandemic, the need for having a dedicated home office space where you can concentrate on your work becomes even more important.  While setting up a home workspace might be easier for some, others may find it challenging. The good news is, you don’t need to clear out a large space! You can set up a dedicated space within a larger room, a corner of your living room, or even any spot with a tiny footprint.  Here are a few helpful tips on how you can convert some parts of your home into a dedicated workspace:


Some say it’s not really ideal to use your bedroom as a working area, but as long as it provides peace and privacy that allows you to be productive, then you’re good to go. The great thing about bedrooms is many of them are versatile, and can accommodate a workspace in various configurations. For example, you can simply swap out existing furniture, like a dresser or end table for a work desk. You can also consider removing the doors from your closet and clearing its contents to create a small office nook. Even if it’s just a minor addition, creating a dedicated area for work will give it a separate feel from the rest of your bedroom.


If you want to create a nice little workspace in your kitchen, start by decluttering. Reorganize your kitchen cabinets and use them to store items that are on your surfaces. Collect anything you don’t need to use on a daily basis and transfer them to another part of your home or put them in storage. In addition to creating some extra space, having less clutter will also help you concentrate on your work. The next step is to figure out where to establish your workspace. In case you have an eat-in kitchen without an attached family room, consider moving your kitchen table against the wall, moving it back to its original spot during meals. Your dining table, kitchen island, or kitchen counters are also options, but make sure you use a proper work chair that can match the table height, so you won’t feel uncomfortable during long work sessions. Most kitchens have plenty of natural light, but in case the lighting is inadequate, add a table or floor lamp to your setup to make it brighter.  

Living room

The living room is a great option if you’re looking for an ideal spot for a work desk. Consider buying a desk and clear out a corner of your living room. Also consider looking for affordable room dividers, which can serve as a physical barrier for extra privacy and can work as a backdrop for video calls. In case your living room space is limited, working on the sofa is an option. You just have to make sure everything’s ergonomic by adjusting the placement of your coffee table and laptop to avoid neck or back strain. You can adjust the height and viewing angle of your laptop by making use of common household items such as stacked books or boxes. For the best results however, consider purchasing a laptop stand.

Other things to keep in mind

These are just a few examples of how you can create a dedicated workspace within your home. But wherever you choose to set up your desk, several important elements need to be in place so you’ll be able to work productively:
  • Lighting – You want to make sure your home office gets plenty of light. If possible, choose an area that gets plenty of natural light. Exposure from daylight can improve alertness and productivity, in addition to creating a positive impact to your overall well-being.

  • Privacy – Ideally, you need a quiet area that offers privacy, especially if you share your house with family members or roommates. It works both ways too, as you also want to reduce noise levels for the rest of the house, especially if you’ll be on Zoom meetings or on the phone a lot. And in case you have to meet with clients, choose a room located near your home’s front entrance.

  • Free of distraction – Distractions are everywhere when you’re working from home. You can start by placing your smartphone and other gadgets out of reach while you’re working, especially if you’re prone to checking your phone every so often. While you may need some of your devices for work, you can ensure a more productive workspace if you store your smartphone, tablet, and other devices in a dedicated spot while they’re not in use. 
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