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90 Days to Homeowner – Week 6

After all the waiting, searching, longing, and looking—have you finally found “the one?” 

It’s Week 6 of the 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge, and today, let’s talk about how you can know for sure you’ve found the home of your dreams. We’ve been in real estate for a while, and here are some pretty good indicators:

– You look at other houses but are still thinking about this one.

– You are comparing every other house to this one.

– You’ve told all of your friends and family about this one.

– You keep looking at the photos.

– You want to go back inside the house again.

– You feel defensive about the house.

– You’ve started thinking about furniture arrangements.

– It checks everything off of the “needs” list

– You’ve driven by it ten times since your showing that was…ahem, yesterday.

  Of course, there’s more to buying a home than warm fuzzies and new barstools, but the bottom line? You SHOULD feel excited when you finally find the one. Yes, it’s gotta meet your needs and fit your budget, but the adage usually does hold true—when you know, you just know.   Have you experienced the thrill of buying a new home—do you want to? We’d love nothing more than to make that happen. Send us a message and let’s connect!