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90 Days to Homeowner – Week 5

Welcome to Week 6 of the 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge!

You’re SO READY to get inside those homes on your shortlist and see for yourself if one of them is soon to be your new address.

I know you’re excited, but you gotta go into those showing calm, cool, and with your thinking cap on. Here’s a quick list of how to do just that:  
  1. Before a showing, read over your wants vs. needs list and revisit your budget. Having this fresh on your mind will help you stay objective and focused.
  2. Take pictures and videos to jog your memory later and to help you process with friends and family.
  3. Remember, you can’t change the lot or the location so make sure you love both. You also don’t want to be the priciest home on the block. Let your agent help assess whether or not that’s the case.
  4. Don’t let yourself get distracted by decor or staging. These things will be gone by the time you move in, so try to stay focused on the things that cannot be changed as easily.
  5. Take your time. If a home makes a good first impression, let your agent know you’re interested and that you’d like to spend a bit more time looking around. This is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make so it’s worth it to learn as much as you can while you’re there.

Next week in our challenge —“How do you know you’ve found the one?”  We can’t wait! Until then, let us know how we can help you achieve your homeownership dreams.