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90 Days to Homeowner – Week 11

Can you even believe it? You’ve been counting down the days until closing—and it’s FINALLY here!

For this week’s 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge we’ve compiled a short Closing Day Q&A on what you can expect as you roll up to the closing table (no worries…you got this!).

Q: Who will be there?

A: Situations vary, but you can expect some combination of these folks: Buyer (that’s you!), seller, real estate agents, closing agent/attorney, mortgage lender, and title company representative.

Q: What will I do?

A: Stretch those fingers and get ready to sign, sign, sign. At closing, the seller will sign ownership of the property over to you, and you’ll sign to receive possession.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Bring a photo ID and a cashier’s check to pay any closing costs. Your agent will tell you any other documents specific to your situation.


The closing process is relatively simple, but be prepared for A LOT of paperwork. (And always, always, always ask if you have a question along the way.) 

The good news is once you’ve signed the last page, it’s time to get a hold of those keys and celebrate!

Shoot us a reply with any questions you have!