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15 awesome things you can do in Atlanta for free

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - August 25, 2013: Children play at Centennial Olympic Park. The park commemorates the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and is a popular attraction.

The best things in life are free, and living in Atlanta is proof of this. Even though this city is home to some of the finest luxury communities in the East, some of the greatest experiences here can be enjoyed without having to spend a single cent.

Excited to plan your itinerary? Here are 15 great things to do in Atlanta for free:

  1. Take a guided tour around the Atlanta Beltline

    Any time spent exploring the Atlanta Beltline is time well spent.

    Bring your own bike to join either the 13-mile Eastside tour or the nine-mile Westside tour for a fully refundable deposit of $10.

    Another option is to join an Arboretum Walking Tour, which takes guests around Atlanta’s one-of-a-kind green museum.

  2. Spend a day at the Centennial Olympic Park

    Formerly the main site of the 1996 Olympics, the Centennial Olympic Park is now a 20-acre park where all sorts of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. The Fountain of Rings show, which plays four times every day, is worth waiting for.

  3. Discover the history of money at Atlanta Monetary Museum

    The Federal Reserve Bank’s Monetary Museum offers one of the most unique experiences in the city. Various historical artifacts on exhibit tell the definitive story of money throughout American history.

  4. Learn more about the most important public health breakthroughs at the CDC Museum

    As the only part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the David J. Sencer Museum promises one of the most interesting recreational learning experiences you can get from Atlanta.

  5. Visit Atlanta’s premier art showcase, the High Museum of Art

    Open to all visitors on the second Sunday of each month, the High Museum of Art has an astonishing selection of artwork, ranging from African and folk art to historical and modern photography.

  6. Gaze at the stars at the Fernbank Science Center

    With an observatory and various science exhibits available for free, the Fernbank Science Center delivers on its promise of being a place “where science becomes adventure.” If you’re ready to shell out a few extra dollars on your visit, you can upgrade your experience with dazzling shows at the facility’s planetarium.

  7. Spend a quiet afternoon reading at Woodruff Park

    Located right at the heart of Downtown Atlanta, Woodruff Park welcomes voracious readers to its open-air public library simply known as the “Reading Room.” Whenever the sun is out, you can drop by to pick up a periodical or book of your choice to while away your time.

  8. Appreciate art like never before at the Krog Street Tunnel

    Experience a new way to appreciate Atlanta’s most stunning art. The Krog Street Tunnel is both an underground urban art gallery and a living canvas for the city’s most talented graffiti artists.

  9. Celebrate civil rights at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

    One of Atlanta’s most important historical figures is commemorated here in this historic national park. The site features various notable attractions, including a rose garden, monument, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth home, which is open to visitors every Saturday morning.

  10. Revisit Georgia’s earliest days at the Governor’s Mansion

    Nestled on an 18-acre wooded lot, the Georgia Governor’s Mansion is another notable historic attraction in Atlanta. The three-story Greek Revival style house that opened in 1968 offers a glimpse into the official residence of the state’s governor, as well as the rich history of Georgia as told by its antique furnishings.

  11. Enjoy some refreshing sunshine at Piedmont Park

    Whether you’re bringing your kids to the playground, taking the dog on a walk, or joining a free yoga class, you can be sure that Piedmont Park will send you home feeling satisfied.

  12. Join the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll

    Happening on the second Friday of every month, the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll is a great way to discover Atlanta’s historic arts district, while getting to know fellow art enthusiasts along the way.

  13. Watch and join the city’s skaters at the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark

    Whether you’re into skateboarding, spending an afternoon at this Tony Hawk-designed Skatepark is sure to send your adrenaline rushing throughout your body. There are other playgrounds and athletic fields you can use to break a good sweat here, too.

  14. Tour the Georgia Capitol Museum

    If you’ve ever wondered what goes on under the state capitol’s beautiful golden dome, taking a guided or self-guided tour inside the Capitol building is the best way to find out.

  15. Center for Puppetry Arts

    Discover the fascinating art form of puppet theatre at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Free access is available to Fulton County residents on the first Saturday of select productions under the Family Series category.

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