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Your guide to setting up a workstation at home

mini table with laptop and plant - page morgan real estate Whether you’re working part-time or full-time at home, having a productive and healthy work environment is essential. It reduces distractions, increases your productivity, and helps you to focus on projects you have on your plate.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your home workspace:

Know what you need

When planning out your workspace, the first thing to consider is your type of work. Think about the main use of your office. Do you need plenty of table space for all your work things? Should your office be in a separate room for you to take calls? Knowing your working style and how much time you’ll be spending are important factors, as well. 

Search for a functional and dedicated space

Having a space that’s dedicated to your work is important in creating a productive work environment. Whether it’s the spare corner of the home or a garage-turned-office, a dedicated area can reduce distractions and help you focus more on your work. If you can have a separate room as your workspace, the better.  The most common areas at home that can serve as your workspace are:
  • The extra bedroom – A popular choice for a workspace, the spare bedroom allows you to have full control over design and functionality. With a spare bedroom, you can transform your extra space into the home office you’ve always wanted. 

  • The spare corner – While using the spare corner of the home as office space is the least expensive, it can also be the most distracting. Whether it’s in the spare corner of your bedroom or under the stairs, it’s important to maximize and turn the space into a functional and stimulating one. 

  • The dining room – The wide table space in the dining room may be the perfect spot for your workplace. Another popular workspace area at home, the dining room can easily be turned into a multipurpose space. 

  • The kitchen – Got an empty nook in the kitchen? Consider turning it into a small office space. You can even get a matching desk and cabinets to maintain the continuity of the kitchen’s look. 

  • The basement – Just like an extra bedroom, the basement can serve as a dedicated workspace. It also provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Just make sure to provide adequate lighting since it is also one of the darkest places in the house. 

Take advantage of natural light

As much as possible, try to find a space with natural light. Exposure to this kind of light in your workspace can benefit you in the areas of productivity, health, and overall well- being. The wonderful views outside your window, in particular, create a positive atmosphere inside.  If your sources for natural light are limited, you can append to the existing ambient light indoors with task lighting for smarter illumination. 

Choose the right furniture

When creating your own workspace at home, having the right table and chair is a must. Before deciding on a desk and chair, first consider the space that you have chosen for your workspace. What is the space size? How long will you be using the home office throughout the day? What’s your budget? Investing in a good quality chair makes a huge difference, as well. Make sure to choose one that fits your style and your body. Aside from matching the style of your workspace, your office chair should be comfortable for you to sit on for hours on end. 

Incorporate your own style

One of the secrets to a productive workspace is in its design. Having a workspace that incorporates your favorite design elements – whether it’s the furniture layout or artwork hung somewhere near your workspace – can inspire you to become productive. 

Choose the right colors

Colors make a huge difference when it comes to your productivity, mood, and energy levels. While you don’t need to repaint the walls, having these certain colors in your dedicated workspace (even as décor) can influence your workday. Known for being one of the most versatile shades, white and soft neutral colors can work with a minimalist look or one with pops of color. Black also works well as an accent wall or workspace décor. For colors that boost positivity and energy levels, go for orange and bright yellows. Find the right homes for sale in Roswell, GA with The Page Morgan Team, the top local agents for Georgia real estate. Get in touch with the team today at 770.509.0700 / 770.579.5650, or send an email to info(at)pagemorgan(dotted)com.