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Guide to alternative schooling in Atlanta

Guide to alternative schooling in Atlanta

Homeschooling and hybrid schooling are alternative education models that give students the opportunity to experience both classroom learning and personalized education through face-to-face assistance and online resources. Also known as “blended learning,” it offers a combination of distance learning and in-person lessons, where students can interact with a teacher remotely and develop skills allowing them to work independently.

Benefits of blended learning

With the need to reduce physical attendance due to the global pandemic, blended learning becomes a very ideal option, as it allows students to stay safe while continuing their education.

One of the biggest advantages of blended learning is that its online and in-person components can be implemented in any proportion, with neither one prioritized when it comes to grading and evaluating. It is a very versatile model that can accommodate each student’s individual learning style while adapting to their family situation and access to technology.

Basic requirements for homeschooling in Georgia

For parents thinking about homeschooling or enrolling their child in a hybrid learning program, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to help their children build a sense of structure.

There are some programs which give parents control over what type of materials their child will study, as well as the pace for their learning. While many online programs already have established structures in place, parents who homeschool also take the role of educators, which means they need to constantly find ways to improve their child’s learning capabilities.   

Homeschooling requirements in Georgia fall under O.C.G.A. 20-2-690. We’ll touch on some of the main requirements of the law in this section, although parents or legal guardians are encouraged to gather more information on the Georgia Home Study Law.

  • Parents or legal guardians may teach their children, or employ a qualified tutor.
  • Parents, guardians, and tutors must hold at least a high school diploma or a GED diploma.
  • Any home study program must include a basic academic curriculum that includes, but isn’t limited to the five core subjects of language arts, science, math, reading, and social studies.  
  • For every school year, the homeschool program must include 180 school days, with each school day equivalent to at least 4.5 hours (unless the child is not able to comply physically). Attendance reports are not required, although keeping a record in your child’s personal school file is recommended.  

For more information, visit the Georgia Home Education Association website

Homeschooling and hybrid schooling resources in Atlanta

If you want to look into homeschooling options in Atlanta, here are some excellent resources for you to check out:

  • City Academy of Atlanta – City Academy offers a combination of on-campus learning with home-based education, giving families a balanced model that offers the best of both worlds. On campus instructions are offered by professional teachers, who also provide guided and engaging lesson plans for at-home learning days. City Academy’s home learning model is available for students from grades K-8.
  • University System of Georgia eCore – Created by the University System of Georgia, eCore is a collaboration-centric program designed to make higher education more accessible throughout the state. The program offers complete online resources to help students complete undergraduate requirements from public colleges and universities part of the University System. The courses are taught by professional instructors accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and are transferable within the University System of Georgia and most accredited schools within the region.  
  • Time4Learning – One of the leading homeschool curricula in Georgia, Time4Learning is an online education service providing a high-quality online learning program along with useful resources and time-saving tools for parents. Since their start in 2003, their award-winning curriculum has constantly been developed and refined through years of gathering feedback from parents, students, and educators. They have added a number of improved features and perks to help provide a more balanced learning experience for every student, making their program one of the best online homeschool solutions for families. 
  • Master’s Academy – Located in Marietta, GA, Master’s Academy Arts & Academics has been offering enriching home-based programs since 1997. They offer a wide range of programs in classical academics and art, history, drama, and music for grades K-12. The academy’s experienced teachers create a learning environment designed to inspire and foster creativity, partnering with families to foster a lifelong love for learning through a hands-on approach. 

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