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East Cobb schools for your kids’ best education

A mature African-American woman in her 40s, a teacher or parent, standing with six multi-ethnic 10 and 11 year old children in the hallway of an elementary school. The Caucasian boy in front of her wearing eyeglasses has down syndrome.

For many homebuyers, especially those who have growing families, choosing the ideal place to live is often best decided by where their children can get the best education throughout their formative years.

In the Greater Atlanta area, the neighborhood of East Cobb fits that very description perfectly. In fact, the selection of top-rated schools serving this community is one of the main reasons hailed it as the best place to live in Georgia.

Here is a quick overview of eight of East Cobb’s best local schools:

Walton High School

The George Walton Comprehensive High School is one of the larger high schools serving the East Cobb community, and it’s easily one of the best as well. The US News & World Report, which evaluates public high schools across the country every year, currently ranks Walton High #4 in Georgia and #2 among all Metro Atlanta high schools.

It also lands at #161 in the national rankings, an impressive spot considering the total number of schools in the list is well over 17,000.

Lassiter High School

Ranked as the 10th best high school in the Peach State, as well as #7 in Metro Atlanta, Lassiter High is another top choice for homebuyers looking for the best schools to send their kids to.

Since it was established in 1981, this school has garnered various accolades. These include state-wide honors like the Georgia Public School of Excellence award and country-wide recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Pope High School

The Alan C. Pope High School ranks 25th among all public high schools in Georgia and 20th in Metro Atlanta. Established in 1987, it is one of the newer schools in the Cobb County School District.

In addition to an excellent academic program that produces a graduation rate of 92%, Pope High is also renowned for its athletics programs, particularly in events like softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cross-country running.

Dickerson Middle School

Dickerson Middle School is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. It has a sterling reputation as the school to find Metro Atlanta’s best middle school teachers according to (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

The state government’s School Grades Report also cites noteworthy numbers for this school, mentioning that its “overall performance is higher than 96% of schools in the state” and that “its students’ academic growth is higher than 92% of schools in the state.”

Dodgen Middle School

Like Dickerson, Dodgen Middle School is esteemed as one of the nation’s best schools, thanks to its recognition as Blue Ribbon school. The Georgia School Grades Reports indicate that this school performs better than 97% of schools in the state, with its students demonstrating academic growth higher than that of 85% of other Georgia schools.

On top of excellent academics, Dodgen Middle School also has sophisticated extracurricular programs that produce the likes of its nationally renowned student orchestra.

Mount Bethel Elementary School

Mount Bethel Elementary excels as one of the 50 best public elementary schools in Georgia according to Providing quality education to children at the pre-kindergarten to 5th Grade levels, it is also a recipient of the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence designation.

The Georgia School Grades Reports place Mount Bethel in the 98th percentile among public elementary schools in the state.

Tritt Elementary School

With overall performance higher than 91% of other schools in Georgia, Tritt Elementary provides a solid foundation for life-long learning and growth for its student population of nearly 900 children. Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon

School of Excellence in 2019, it joins the ranks of East Cobb’s top-performing schools.

The Wood Acres School

If you are looking for private schools, Wood Acres is a great option for early learners up to 8th Graders living in East Cobb and other communities in Marietta. Established in 1969, this school boasts of a sprawling campus built on nine wooded acres and an accelerated academic curriculum focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Wood Acres also offers special language development programs, with a grammar school designed for kindergarten to 4th Grade level students, as well as a formal Spanish language course. The school is officially designated as an International Spanish Academy by the Embassy of Spain.

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