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Bathroom upgrades tips that can raise your home’s value

Modern design bathroom white Showcasing the right parts of your property is an essential strategy if you want to sell your house fast. Next to the main living areas, bedrooms, and the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the areas where you should focus your attention. As one of the most private and most personal spaces inside the house, the bathroom gets plenty of serious scrutiny from careful homebuyers. This is why it’s important to choose the right strategic upgrades for this part of the house. Here are seven bathroom renovation and styling ideas that can significantly boost the appeal of your entire property:

Incorporate a spa-style look and feel

Everyone loves to get pampered every once in a while, so give your house a place where the next owner can enjoy exactly that. With the right tweaks, you can add a complete private spa experience to the bathroom. The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t require too much investment and renovation. Scented candles, heated towels, and choice mood lighting are enough to create a spa bathroom.

Upgrade to heated floors

If you want to go all-in on the private spa experience, you can take your bathroom renovation plans a huge step further by installing radiant, in-floor heating. This upgrade will cost you a bit more, but it will be a worthwhile investment because it can raise the baseline for offers made for your home. Heated floors are associated with a luxury home experience, so you can make a strong impression among potential buyers with this feature.

Infuse natural elements into your main theme

An easy way to incorporate a sense of calm and relaxation into your bathroom is by incorporating nature in its overall scheme. Set against materials like tiles that typically look sterile and dull, carefully selected decor like potted or hanging plants and stained woodwork visually pop out in any bathroom’s styling.

Install space-saving storage

Modern homebuyers are always on the lookout for efficient and innovative storage solutions. Because the bathroom is a private and personal space that is typically shared among multiple users, it is an excellent place to incorporate clever and space-saving storage. There are various ways to save space with strategic bathroom storage. Consider cabinets that are flush against the walls, hanging shelves, wall hooks for towels and robes, and little trays and baskets for organizing personal items on the vanity or countertop. You can even use the insides of cabinet doors to install hooks and baskets to store small and light items.

Invest in smart tech for bathrooms

Incorporating high-tech features in the bathroom is a sure way to add the “wow factor” that can sell your house fast. Smart appliances and other innovative features significantly elevate the comfort and convenience that this room offers to its users. You have a wide range of options to consider as far as smart tech updates for the bathroom go. Start simple with smart light bulbs that help set the mood. Emphasize luxury with a heated, automated toilet, motion sensor faucets, and -controlled showers. You can even have a TV embedded into a bathroom mirror.

Let in more light

As with any other part of the home, making smart use of light is essential to your home selling strategy. Bright spaces look larger and feel more pleasant, making them more attractive and memorable to buyers, especially if they come for a viewing. To brighten up your bathroom, upgrade or add light fixtures with a clear plan. Focus on important areas like the mirrors in front of the vanities. LED strips, pendant lights, and even embedded mirror lights are practical updates that your home’s next owner will find valuable. Allowing plenty of natural light to enter through a window will work wonders to create a soothing vibe for the rest of the bathroom. Just be sure that the room’s privacy will not be compromised in favor of a little more brightness.

Use the color of the year

For 2020, design experts Pantone declared Classic Blue as the Color of the Year. Exuding “calm, confidence, and connection,” this hue benefits home sellers looking to upgrade their bathrooms because it works well with water and related themes. For example, blue can work as a main backdrop for a bathroom if you are planning a repaint. If you have reservations about using a solid color, however, this color also works as an accent against a timeless white wall or tile backsplash. Think, blue-painted cabinetry and other blue highlights and decor, for instance. Are you looking for a reliable expert listing agent in the Metro Atlanta market? Look no further than the Page Morgan Real Estate Group. Get in touch with our team today by calling 770.579.5650or emailing info(at)pagemorgan(dotted)com.