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Atlanta museums and attractions you can tour online

Atlanta museums and attractions you can tour online With everyone still highly encouraged to stay at home, it’s understandable if you’re slowly getting bored out of your wits. After all, it would be nice to get out once again, feel the summer breeze caress your face, and enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer. Well, we’ve got good news. If you’re longing to visit some of the city’s museums and attractions, you can tour a couple of these destinations while staying at home! Here are several museums and attractions in Atlanta that offer virtual tours and other interactive experiences.
  1. Atlanta Botanical Garden See the flowers bloom just in time for summer through the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s official Facebook page. Everyday, they post 3D photos of different flowers along with some tidbits of information, such as their origins and where you can find them in the botanical garden. Checking their Facebook page is also a great way to plan your visit as Atlanta Botanical Garden is now open to the public.
  2. Atlanta Symphony Orchestra If you’re a big fan of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or you’re slowly immersing yourself to the world of classical concerts, this one’s for you. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra recently set up a virtual stage so they can fill your homes with lovely music. To catch the next virtual concert, sign up for their email updates. You can also watch their past live broadcasts, some of which feature Morehouse, Josh Bell, and Yoel Levi.
  3. Atlanta History Center Atlanta History Center is still temporarily closed, but their official Facebook account is thriving with activity. Follow and like their page to get a daily dose of history, which you can sift through using different hashtags such as #museumbouquet, #FieldtripFridays, and #ThrowbackThursdays. The Atlanta History Center also hosts virtual talks featuring writers and authors. To take part, all you need to do is sign up or purchase a book to be sent the Zoom conference link. This way, you’re supporting the guests while enriching your mind.
  4. Georgia Aquarium A trip to the aquarium, if not the beach or pool, would’ve been a nice way to beat this summer heat. That said, the Georgia Aquarium remains closed, but they found a means to help you cool off. You can watch the residents of the Georgia Aquarium go about their day, whether it’s in the water tank or in their respective enclosures, through the museum’s webcams. There are several webcams to choose from, so you can check out different parts of the aquarium throughout the day. Say hello to the southern sea otters, the California sea lions, the African penguins, the Beluga whales, and more!
  5. Zoo Atlanta You can also open another tab on your favorite browser and open Zoo Atlanta’s official website to watch their resident pandas using the aptly named Panda Cam. But that’s not all. Zoo Atlanta also hosts an array of virtual events where you can take part in activities and get treated to special, exclusive content from the zoo. You can also check their official Facebook page for updates on upcoming virtual events. And if you’re looking for activities you can enjoy with the entire family, Zoo Atlanta has your back, too. Check out their At Home lessons, which include storybook readings, downloadable arts and crafts for the kids, backyard activities, and even a virtual summer safari camp! As for the full zoo experience, you can go on a virtual tour of the zoo anytime you wish.
  6. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum One of the more underrated attractions in Atlanta, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum has their virtual doors wide open for every inquiring mind. You can take the virtual museum tour. It starts at the Oval Office (which is a perfect reconstruction of the actual Oval Office) and, from there, you can pretty much go anywhere in the library and museum. Click here to start your virtual tour, watch the “Day in the Life of the President” presentation, and walk through the many exhibits that pepper the library and museum.
You can now enjoy some of Atlanta’s best offerings from the comforts of your home See? You don’t have to go out of your home to enjoy free things to do in atlanta with your friends and family. For more city updates and bits and pieces about the local lifestyle, browse our blog! As for North Atlanta real estate information, get in touch with our team. You can call us at 770.579.5650 or send us an email at info(at)pagemorgan(dotted)com.